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God do the rest

Mama’s operation went well… She entered the OR at 10AM and left at 5PM with a smiling face… Thanks for all your prayers; it means so much… also want to thank Doc Lopez, Doc Garcia, Doc Nazareno and the health care team at Brokenshire Hospital for their care in coordinating her procedures.

She’s a great mom!

So please continue include and keep in your prayers the recuperation and complete healing of mama from cancer.

And for non-religious folk out there, thoughts of good wishes for her would be appreciated. Thank you so much! God bless you all! <3

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11 09.15.14

Teleman: Lady Low

Simply enough for a little “mercurial” with this song from the British foursome that offers off that feel of a present-day Simon & Garfunkel.

3 09.11.14


If there’s one important thing in my everyday life that I need, it’s to keep my life drama-free. Yup, I claimed it. And for a no-drama-days, it’s an essential to keep the cool before deciding to clench some fists. Time is precious.. So yeah, not gonna waste it on someone who isn’t worth it. I’m not trying to be cold, but it’s gotta be addressed.

Today is Friday! So almost cheers to the weekend! Yeah, I’m gonna head to sleep!…

4 09.11.14

iamjankenneth submitted: Hello there. :) Galing naman may IBEX Global na pala sa Davao! Stay cool and awesome. :)

Yes of course… And a lot of minions!  :)


4 09.08.14

This isn’t cool

I wonder why some things happen just the way they aren’t supposed to be. I’m more than awake to know enough what’s happening around.

Again and again, I freakin hate the way I’m feeling right now.


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12 09.07.14